Timothy V. Kirk
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                            Timothy V. Kirk
讲师    Lecturer

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教育及工作经历 Education and career

2007-2011  PhD, Biochemical Engineering, University College London (London, UK)

                    Supervisor: Nicolas Szita, Awarded 12/2013

                    Microfluidic Microbioreactor for Eukaryote Culture with Dissolved Oxygen Control

                    Design, rapid prototyping, characterisation of microbioreactors. Fermentation studies with S. cerevisiae. Commissioned   

                    microfabrication facility.

2006-2007  PhD, Micro and Nanotechnology, Danish Technical University (1st year)

                    Transferred to UCL with supervisor after 1st year.

2000-2003  MS, Materials Science & Engineering, UC Berkeley (Berkeley, CA)

                    Injectable synthetic hydrogel extracellular matrices for cardiac tissue engineering

                    Synthesis and characterisation of biomaterials. Co-prepared NIH grant application.

                    Minors: Management of Technology (Haas School of Business), MEMS

1996-1998  BE (1st class hons.), Chemical & Materials Engineering, University of Auckland

                    Graduated 1st in class. 1st for final year research project.

代表性论文 Selected Publications 

1. A.D. Griffiths et al. Genotype and phenotype coupling. US Patent Application PCT/US16/22201, 2016. Published as WO 2016145409 A1.

2. T.V. Kirk et al. Hydrogel bead mediated efficient synthesis of oligonucleotide barcodes. Nucleic Acids Research. (in preparation), 2018

3. T.V. Kirk et al. Quantification of the oxygen uptake rate in a dissolved oxygen controlled oscillating jet-driven microbioreactor. Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology. 91(3): 823–831, 2015

4. M. Reichen et al. Characterisation of an adhesive-free packaging system for polymeric microfluidic biochemical devices and reactors, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Quarterly. 28(2):189-202, 2014

5. T.V. Kirk and N. Szita. Dissolved Oxygen Transfer Characteristics of Miniaturized Bioreactor Systems, Biotechnology & Bioengineering. 110: 1005–1019, 2013

6. M. Reichen et al. A modular packaging system with a rapid fabrication method for disposable microfluidic chips. 6th International Conference on Microtechnologies in Medicine and Biology, 2011, Lucerne, Switzerland.

7. T.V. Kirk, GJ. Lye, and N. Szita. Oscillating jet driven microbioreactor for culture of eukaryotes. MicroTAS 2009, Jeju, South Korea.

8. T.V. Kirk et al. p(NIPAAm-co-AAc) based injectable sIPN hydrogels for cardiac tissue engineering. 29th Annual Meeting and Exposition, Society for Biomaterials, 2003, Reno, Nevada.

专利 patent
1.T.V. Kirk et al. Membrane filtration of fruit juices, NZ Provisional Patent, 1997.